introduction to game design (5/30)

Course: Introduction to Game Design @Coursera

The simplest games (Week 1)

Elements of game

  • Goal : easily to figure out the goal; increasing level of difficult
  • Chance and skill : two factors that affects the difficulty of a game

Game design document (GDD)

  • description of the game
  • description of the gameplay involved
  • descriptions of the game’s goals, puzzles and characters
  • illustrations, maps and story lines
  • technical information

    GDD helps to keep everyone involved on the same page. And it allows the designers to organize all their thoughts and ideas about the game in one place.

Rules and discovery (Week 2)

  • players may not read rules at the beginning
  • rule is anything that defines what happens in the game and isn’t the player’s input
  • world rules & gameplay rules
  • changing or adjusting the rules may keep the game unpredictable and interesting
  • learning the rules: documentation — narration — in-game discovery

Tell a story (Week 3)

What is a story (when we talk about games)?

3 ways that are the most common ways a player finds the story in a game

  • writer-driven ,e.g. cutscene
    • helps to keep the game simple
    • make appropriate for a game character
    • tell big chunks of stories
    • force the player to make mistakes
  • writer-led, main goal is to lead the player using their curiosity rather than making the choices for them directly
  • player-led, making the game more involving

Motivation and empathy


  • find out how the players may interact with challenges in your game
  • learn how to entice your player towards your storyline
  • check what parts of the game are most attractive to the players