Most of these projects can be found also on my CV. This page only provides a brief description and (mostly) directs to links that provide more information.

Traffic Signal Control Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

July 2018 - Present, Hangzhou, China

As a research intern in Alibaba Cloud, I used DQN-NAF to create a traffic signal control algorithm that could explore large action spaces, which compared to past literatures, aligned better with traffic lights in the real world.
View my internship summary presentation here.

Building Detection from Satellite Imagery

March - June 2018, Stanford, CA

View our project report here.

Global Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) Project

January - June 2018, Stanford, CA

In this class project, I designed the structural system for a green building on a (imaginary) site in Germany with a team of students in various disciplines. Every detail of the project is just too gory to be shown here. But if you have to look, you can find it here. Look for project River 2017-2018.

Wheelchair Rider Simulation

January - March 2018, Stanford, CA

I am honored to have done an independent study with Professor Law and Dr. Fruchter on the simulation of a wheelchair rider. View a demo video of a wheelchair rider, who moves around the building we rendered in the AEC project mentioned above. This simulation was built upon an existing software, Terf.

Citizen Engagement Using Augmented Reality & Wearable Technology

December 2017, Stanford, CA

This is a short independent study I did on Defining Smart Cities Seminar (CEE225).
View my presentation on Human Cities Expo 2017 here

Software & Hardware Development for Quanser Shake Table II 

September 2015 - May 2017, Urbana, IL

I was lucky to have done an REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) project with Professor Spencer at his SSTL Lab.
To view my poster at the UIUC Undergraduate Research Symposium in 2016, follow this link.

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