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Becoming a data scientist isn’t easy. It takes more than just mastering skills like statistics, data wrangling, and visualization. You need to learn how to ask the right questions and weave a story around your findings.

With one-on-one mentorship,

Springboard’s Introduction to Data Science Course will help you build a strong foundation in R programming, communicate effectively by telling a story with data, clean and analyze large datasets to make data-driven decisions, and be ready to apply for data analytics and junior data scientist roles.

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What do you say, are you ready to start learning?

If you’re looking for more advanced learning in data science, check out Springboard’s
Data Science Career Track. With one-on-one mentorship and career support, the Data Science Career Track is designed to help you master job-ready skills and actually land your dream job. To make the Career Track more accessible, Springboard now has a new payment plan: deferred tuition.

With Springboard’s Deferred Tuition Plan, you can enroll in the Data Science Career Track for a small upfront deposit, with no additional payment until you complete the course and start a new job!

Through this Deferred Tuition Plan, as long as you follow the course and job search guidance, your tuition payments begin only if you get a job. If you stick to the plan, but don’t find a job, the course is free.

As a special bonus when you apply before October 22, you can use the code KDNUGGETSOCT500 for $500 off when you enroll in the Data Science Career Track.