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  • Coding skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Data structures and algorithms

Characteristics of some languages


JavaScript is used for UI or user experience design.
JavaScript used to be a language that only ran on your browser. But recently people start using it to create backend code, meaning the code that runs on your servers.


Python can be used in data science, machine learning or science in general.
Frameworks like Django and Flask.


Swift is now the primary language for building an ios app.
It seems like a fairly simple and easy language to learn, the only downside of Swift is that it’s not really cross-platform.


Go is known for its efficiency and its simple syntax. It was conceived in 2007 to improve programming productivity at Google. #Its logo is so cuuuuute!


Kotlin is relatively a new language, and it works in both a Java-based environment and JavaScript-based environment. Kotlin is now supported by Android.


SQL is a programming language that solely focuses on managing database. It’s usually used in conjunction with other languages.

Start a python code

Download Anaconda

Anaconda is a package manager which allows you to install many programs at once. This particular package manager is actually used for installing math and science libraries.

Install Jupyter Notebook

You can install Jupyter Notebook in Anaconda. When you run Jupyter Notebook, it will automatically open a website in a browser, whose address is http://localhost:8888/tree. At this time Jupyter Notebook just like a local server, so you mustn’t close the Jupyter Notebook when you edit Python codes.