ai笔记 Hotkeys Start with An End of Mind Navigation Selection Rotate & Scale Transform Color Manipulation

  • AI is resolution-independent, meaning its resolution is unaffected with zooming. In AI, images are vectors that are
    mathematically calculated when zooming.


CTRL + K- preference
CAPS LOCK- change all to precise cursor ‘+’
CTRL + R- ruler
CTRL + 0- fit on screen, CTRL + 1- fit 100%

Start with An End of Mind

what is it for



  • bleed (cut line for printing edge)
  • PPI (300 press-rasterize standard)


  • Object align to invisible grid
  • PPI 72 for screen standard


CTRL + Y- outline toggle
SHIFT + CTRL + Y- pixel preview (for the screen)
View->proof set up- preview color blend in rgb and cmyk

ALT + click - to change area of selection (eg in transform)
CTRL + click - V select underlied item (eg arm under a shirt)


Ruler Manipulation

Top left corner drag to set genesis (0) point
with ctrl, easier to do the second drag

Object view selection

views can be created to switch between customized views (often for complicated vectors)


V select - normal group select (if group exist)
A direct select - group item select (if choose group selection tool, each click select one upper nested level)


use direct select for embedded item or double click in V selection to go to isolation (quit using esc)

Rotate & Scale

simply click to create anchor point and drag to manipulate scale/rotation

use alt click to edit anchor point setting
command + D to repeat the last thing (eg creating 360 flower)


width - change width, warp - finger paint, wrinkle - melt effect

Color Manipulation


RGB- color addictive, ‘world of light’/screen
CMYK- color subtractive, ‘world of absorption’/print press

Color guide - palette inspiration
Color Swatches - drag to add or add group. Export as ASE OR AI
ALT + DEL - to force delete

GLOBAL processing and spot color

double click color, if global, color attached to object woho