domain Bridging Text Visualization and Mining: A Task-Driven Survey Visualization as Seen Through its Research Paper Keywords

Goal: what is physics? Is the interdisciplinary role of physics something new — a potential fad — or has it always been an integral part of the field? Is physics dying or thriving, becoming more insular
or more interdisciplinary?

  1. What is physice
  2. The growth of physics
  3. Impact and its variations

  4. The inner structure of physics

#CHI 1994-2013: Mapping Two Decades of Intellectual Progress through Co-word Analysis

goal: map and visualize the intellectual landscape of the CHI conference on Human Computer Interaction

techniques: hierarchical cluster,graph theory,strategic diagrms,graphs


two graph theory: density and centrality


  1. supervised clustering method to reach as many clusters as possible while maintaining content validity and cluster fitness
  2. constructed two strategic diagrams to visualize; node-link
  3. analysis on individual keywords; Find core research topics

Bridging Text Visualization and Mining: A Task-Driven Survey

background: We are still in need of an overview, accounting for both the user-facing visualization and the back-end data mining approaches.

goals: provide an overview of the relevant techniques and analysis tasks, as well as the relationships between visualization and text mining.

methods: Highlight associations between analysis tasks, visualization techniques, and text mining techniques through a set of taxonomies


  1. understand a common set of concepts used in this research topic
  2. facilitate the exploration of the relationships between visualization techniques, mining techniques, and analysis tasks
  3. understand the current practice in developing visual text analytics tools
  4. seek potential research opportunities by narrowing the gulf between visualization and mining techniques based on the analysis tasks
  5. analyze other interdisciplinary research areas in a similar way



  1. concept extraction
  2. taxonomy building
  3. concept visualization

Visualization as Seen Through its Research Paper Keywords

goal: Derive a set of visualization topics that we discuss in the context of the current taxonomy that is used to categorize papers and assign reviewers in the IEEE VIS reviewing process.


  1. Mapping visualization research
  2. Taxonomy and Terminology Discussion