3.2 build linux kernel

Enter the work directory and uncompress the Linux Kernel source code package:

$ cd <WORKDIR>/
$ tar -jxvf myir-kernel.tar.bz2
$ cd myir-kernel

Compile Kernel:

The configuration of Kernel for MYD-AM335X series is located at myir-kernel/arch/arm/configs/,customers can compile Kernel as shown below:

Board Type Configuration File Name
MYD-AM335X myd_c335x_defconfig
MYD-AM335X-Y myd_j335x_defconfig
MYD-AM335X-J myd_y335x_defconfig

Compile U-boot for MYD-AM335X development board:

$ make distclean
$ make myd_c335x_defconfig
$ make zImage dtbs

The configuration options in the second make are shown in the table above.Then, will find “zImage“ in the arch/arm/boot ,will find Binary devices tree “.dtb“ in the arch/arm/boot/dts.The same development board,Modifying DTS files can be adapted to different hardware configurations,Such as the screen size can modify the dts file.MYD-AM335X-Y and MYD-AM335X-J compilation and MYD-AM335X similar.

The default configuration is 7-inch screen,256N256D,You can generate a different screen and NAND DDR device tree file from the patch file in <WORKDIR> / Patches,and then compile the kernel using the device tree file.The following is a list of related patches:

Board Type MYD-AM335X MYD-AM335X-Y MYD-AM335X-J
HDMI patches myd_c335x_hdmi_display.diff No expansion No expansion
4.3 inch screen patch myd-am335x-lcd4.3.diff myd-am335x-y-lcd4.3.diff myd-am335x-j-lcd4.3.diff
512M NAND 512M ddr patch myd-am335x-512N512D.diff myd-am335x-y-512N512D.diff myd-am335x-j-512N512D.diff

For example: MYD-AM335X-Y 512N512D 4.3-inch screen patch:

$ patch -p1 < <WORKDIR>/Patches/myd-am335x-y-lcd4.3.diff

$ patch -p1 < <WORKDIR>/Patches/myd-am335x-y-512N512D.diff

Compile device tree:

make dtbs

And use the arch/arm/boot/dts directory of the device tree file to replace the system image device tree file.