4.10 audio

This example demonstrates how to use the Linux API to control the input and output of audio,please refer to the source code for detail.

Hardware Preparation:

  • Hardware debugging environment to see chapter2.
Board Type MYD-AM335X MYD-AM335X-Y MYD-AM335X-J
Audio interface Audio input J11,Headphones Connect J10 Audio input J9,Headphones Connect J8 Audio input J10,Headphones Connect J9

Software Preparation:

  • Linux Kernel 4.1.18
  • audio_test application

Test Steps:

  • Copy cross compiled <WORKDIR>/Examples/audio/audio_test to /usr/bin directory of the MYD-AM335x series development board.Plug the headset into the audio output port, enter the audio input to the audio input port, enter the following command at the Linux terminal:
    # audio_test
    rate set to 21999, expected 22000
    Init capture successfully, rate: 21999, period_size: 128
    rate set to 21998, expected 21999
    Period size: 128 frames, buffer size: 256 bytes