jekyll 搭建静态博客>gem uni hitimes
You have requested to uninstall the gem:
timers-4.0.1 depends on hitimes (>= 0)
If you remove this gem, these dependencies will not be met.
Continue with Uninstall? [yN] y
Successfully uninstalled hitimes-1.2.2-x86-mingw32>gem ins hitimes -v 1.2.1 --platform ruby
Fetching: hitimes-1.2.1.gem (100%)
Temporarily enhancing PATH to include DevKit...
Building native extensions. This could take a while...
Successfully installed hitimes-1.2.1
Parsing documentation for hitimes-1.2.1
Installing ri documentation for hitimes-1.2.1
Done installing documentation for hitimes after 1 seconds
1 gem installed