project euler


In my spare time I enjoy solving Project Euler problems to improve my programming skills and math knowledge.
Here are some of my solutions written in C++, Python and Haskell.
I develop and test these solutions first on Hackerrank so the code is meant to be an efficient implementation, and is not necessarily optimized for readability, although I’ll try to keep it as readable as possible.

Solution code

Problem C++ Python Haskell
Problem 1 P0001.cpp P0001.hs
Problem 2 P0002.cpp P0002.hs
Problem 3 P0003.cpp P0003.hs
Problem 4 P0004.cpp P0004.hs
Problem 5 P0005.cpp P0005.hs
Problem 6 P0006.cpp P0006.hs
Problem 7 P0007.cpp P0007.hs
Problem 8 P0008.cpp P0008.hs
Problem 9 P0009.cpp P0009.hs
Problem 10 P0010.cpp P0010.hs