after june

Personal Promotion

What I have learned

In these two months, I have tried to learn more about React, and its ecosystems. Actually, it is actually interesting for me to learn more about some techs about FE. As for React, for it is definitely one of the most popular front-end frameworks among the whole world, and the community is huge, which means that it would benefit me to a large degree if I want to find a job with a decent salary.

However, it is not the only reason why I want to learn this tech, seriously, I love what I have done now, and something about React truly triggers my interest, that is, functional programming paradigm.

What I have purchased

In fact, as for the personal promotion, as far as I say, it is not only about learning, it is also about happiness improvement. Specifically, people need to do something, or buy something which would make them feel happy. However, people are different, so the hobbies are different.

As for me, I do like to listen to music, no matter what type it is. All in all, I have bought some HIFI devices (Sony Ex1000 and Pha 2A), which might be good ,but not sure about that. Finally, just enjoy it and have fun.