official business in wuhan

Well, it is actually my first time to go on a business related travel, from Chengdu City to Wuhan City, and I am excited now.

Day One


In this period, I have heard a bunch of terms about GIS and Infrastructure, and I have to say that, it is a bit of boring, cause I do know little about these stuffs, and lacking of interesting.

Day Two


Today, I have made a speech in front all of my department, and it actually cheers me up, I have showed what I have learned, and my working style.

Out of Work

Recently, I have chatted with a girl for almost fortnight, suddenly, I feel that I might fall in love with her. It is actually a weird feeling, cause, it is the first time, the first time, that, I have that feeling, not sure why.


Google Engine, it might be interesting.

Day Three

Today, there are many different techs have been discussed in the morning section, but it still need time to learn about and study.