towards better analysis of machine learning models Research Opportunities

  1. provide an overview of interactive model analysis.
  2. summarize recent interactive model analysis techniques based on their target tasks.
  3. research opportunities and future directions are discussed for developing new interactive model analysis techniques and systems.

Research Opportunities

Creating Explainable Models

to design an explanation mechanism that is tightly integrated into the machine learning model.

Interesting future work:

  1. to discover which part(s) in the model structure explains its different functions and play a major role in the performance improvement or decline of each iteration.
  2. to better illustrate the rationale behind the model and the decisions made. ***

Analysis of Online Training Process


  1. the difficulty of selecting and comparing representative snapshots from a large number of snapshots.
  2. automatically and accurately detecting anomalies in the training process.

Mixed Initiative Guidance

to combine system imitative guidance and user initiative guidance as mixed initiative guidance to maximize the value of both. ???